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Syndly is the easiest way for any business to collect online reviews. It helps you pull in your customer data and to configure the system to best customize how to interact with them with the eventual goal to extract inputs from customers. It works well for any business that requires a digital presence.

It is our goal to empower businesses that have limited resources to exponentially grow their digital presence an reputation. In our minds, it is a no-brainer whether or not to get this product for your business.

Syndly App


Success Stories

There are positives we are seeing on this product. First is that we are prepping for a launch on a popular platform that sells licenses for SaaS products like ours. This is expected to bring us a few thousand users right away. More than the money we would charge these few thousand users. The feedback from them will be most beneficial in fine tuning the product and make it a thorough solution.

The second is cross selling. Just informing our clients about this product has evinced a lot of interest in this product.

What we used


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