Logic square is a leading custom web & mobile app development company that offers its services to small businesses in the USA at an affordable cost.

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We Develop Next-Generation Games

Our experienced game developers use a wide range of top gaming platforms to provide our clients with the following services. 

1 Full Cycle Game Development

Full-Cycle Game Development

From ideation to deployment, our expert developers provide comprehensive assistance in every stage of mobile game design & development.

1 Fast Game Prototyping

Fast Game Prototyping

We develop quick prototypes of your game to ensure fast testing with its target audience and help you choose the best one for your game.

1 Innovative Game Designs

Innovative Mobile Game Design

We have a team of excellent game designers who help you enhance the visual appearance of your game through dazzling UX components.

1 AR VR Game Development

AR/VR Game Development

We offer new-edge gaming technologies like augmented and virtual reality by incorporating intuitive gaming elements and components.

Gaming Platforms We Are Well Versed In:

As a top game app development company in the USA, we have a team of experienced game developers who provides the best mobile game development services and cover all top gaming platforms to provide gamers with hands-on experience across multiple game genres.

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# Android

We use a full range of premium tools for android game development in the USA to help our clients develop, optimize, launch, and iterate high-quality android applications and high-end games.

# iOS

We have a dedicated team of iOS game developers who do iOS game development and develop games to provide stunning, performant, engaging, and exciting gaming experiences across iOS devices and gadgets.

# PC games

We use a top-notch technology stack to develop intuitive PC or Desktop games for all genres and help you get outstanding experiences.

Upscale Your Firm In The Gaming Business With Logic Square

From Conceptualization To Visualization & Experience, We Deliver Excellence

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Most Compatible Technology

Our team leverages the latest technologies to shape your game app.

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Impeccable Animation & Designs

Get flawless designs and engaging animation for your targeted audience.

Game Development 03
Wholly Gaming Platforms

We provide Game Development services for desktop, console, and mobile.

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Cutting-Edge AR/VR

Enable proper utilization of AR/VR to create exciting games.

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with The Best Game App Development Company in the USA

1 Conceptualization Planning 1

Conceptualization & Planning

1 Support Maintenance 1

Support & Maintenance

Ensure Innovations Through Immersiveness

Give Your Gaming Business Wings With Logic Square’s Customer-Centric Approach

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Client-Oriented Approach

Game Development 07

Addictive Gameplay

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Game Development 09

Catchy Graphics

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We Strive For Innovation And Excellence In Our Gaming Projects

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To Create Outstanding Games In 2D & 3D Dimensions.

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Logic Square, A Dedicated & Inventive Game Development Company In Indiana

We aim to strengthen our client’s dreams & aspirations with the help of our talented professional experts in the gaming industry.

We use the Unity 3D engine; however, we are not just limited or bound to it. Instead, we use every best tool available according to your requirements.

The game design document primarily contains all the minute detail concerning the concepts, ideas, designs, arts & characters, aesthetics, machinery, and basically everything related to your game development.

Apart from game development, we offer a range of digital services like social media marketing, mobile app development, web development, graphic designing, UX/UI designing, eCommerce solutions at affordable prices.

Logic Square focuses on customer satisfaction when it comes to delivering digital products. If you have any concerns, we are available 24/7 to solve them in every possible manner.

Are you looking for a new and innovative way to engage your audience?

Contact us to learn more about our mobile game design & development services. We would love to hear from you!

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As a leading game app development company in the USA, we are committed to providing our clients with the best gaming experience. At Logic Square, we are specialized in iOS game development and Android game development. In addition, we also develop cross-platform games for our clients with superior technical support and maintenance services.

Game development has a fairly well-defined process. The different stages of game development include pre-production (Ideation & Planning), Production (Prototyping, design, features), testing, release (deployment/publishing), and support and maintenance. 

As a premium game app development company in the USA, we offer end-to-end mobile game development services by following a flexible engagement model and competitive service cost to make your project scalable and profitable. Our agile and adaptive development methodology will help you save valuable time and resources, and you will be able to launch your game faster than expected.

The cost of developing a mobile game depends on multiple factors such as the type of game you want to develop, the platform you want to use for your game, uniqueness, graphic & visual elements, features & functionalities, publishing platform, etc. The best way to know the cost of your game development is to talk with our expert developers. Contact us now to get a quote.   

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Our team of skilled developers specializes in blockchain application development, with extensive expertise in building applications for various blockchain platforms.

AR and VR Services

Logic Square designs, develops, and articulates immersive AR/VR development services to enhance superior customer experience and boost next-generation innovations.

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