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Effective QA Services by a Leading Quality Assurance Company

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Software QA services That Makes Your Product Super-Performant

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Achieve Competitive Advantage With The Latest Testing & QA Services

1 Software QA Automation

Software QA Automation

Logic Square has a dedicated test team who carefully analyzes your project requirements to set explicit scopes for testing while ensuring the project's viability. An effective testing strategy optimizes processing and reduces development costs significantly.

1 Web App Testing

Web App Testing

Our team carries out end-to-end testing for web apps by using premium testing tools to make them functional per the industry standards across multiple platforms and devices. Our carefully designed tracking components can track even a minute bug in the application.

1 Software QA Manual Testing

Software QA Manual Testing

We also manually test your web and mobile applications, software, and platforms to locate and fix bugs. Our manual detection and eradication of bugs follow the prescribed industry regulations to confirm the compliance of your web/mobile products.

1 Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Logic Square is proficient at providing you with enterprise-grade QA services & functional testing to discover and repair the unexpected errors or undesirable behaviour of your newly developed web or mobile applications and ensure their complete functionality each time.

1 Software QA Usability Testing

Software QA Usability Testing

We use intuitive usability testing tools and follow a unique UX research methodology to analyze, review, examine, and improve the user-friendliness of your refined products and applications and make them more flexible for the latest frameworks and digital platforms.

1 Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Testing

We perform top-notch testing and QA app testing for your mobile applications. We test their integrity on multiple smart devices and digital platforms to evaluate their compatibility, functionality, operability, usability, performance, and network connectivity and improve them.

Significance Of QA & Software Testing To Enhance Your Brand:

Efficient Quality assurance and software testing can amplify brand visibility by refining the developed software products and applications and making them effective across platforms and devices. It reduces an application’s operational and maintenance costs and enhances its usability and functionality.

Discovering defects early in the development cycle Gives Applications The Ability to Become Flawless.

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What Makes Logic Square Your QA Testing Partner?

2 Improve Operational Efficiency 1

Improve Operational Efficiency

Our QA services & testing approach is designed to improve the operational workflow of our clients and enhance their efficiency in managing technology stacks.

2 Innovative Range Of Testing 1

Innovative Range Of Testing

We provide our clients with an effective QA services & testing strategy that covers a wide range of QA tests to evaluate the performance and features of high-end products.

2 Speed Up Clieents Product Time 1

Speed Up Client’s Product Time

Our uniquely designed test procedures aim to reduce the production time–to–market by a significant margin.

QA That Counts

Our software QA services are designed to leverage your business acumen and optimize your operational capabilities. 

Automation testing

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Manual Tools

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Bug Reporting Tool

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Project Management Tool

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Project Management Tool

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API Testing Tool

GUI & Functional Testing


GUI & Functional Testing


GUI & Functional Testing

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Cross browser / Cross device testing

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Database Testing

Software Testing Flow

Need Identification

Test Strategy Development

Creation Of Test Cases

Test Execution

Bugs Report Generation

Retest & Product Clearance

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Quality Assurance is an essential and integral part of the software development cycle that comprises a set of activities, technical screening, and examination to prevent any performance or quality failure and to ensure the quality requirements of a new mobile, web, and software application.

As a leading quality assurance company, Logic Square provides comprehensive QA services encompassing functional, non-functional, and additional testing, such as performance, regression, security, compatibility, usability, unit, automated, manual, and more.

The answer to this question largely depends on the type of software or application you develop. We recommend a series of strategic QA developments, including acceptance testing, graphical user interface testing, and functional testing. In addition, based on the complexities of your project, we provide additional testing frameworks and screening.

Quality Assurance Standards are formal guidelines, regulations, and rules aimed to ensure that web applications and mobile applications can meet business and industry requirements. 
A newly developed technology or application may require a test time frame between weeks and months. For an existing application, the amount of time needed to test depends on several critical factors. 
A professional Quality Assurance company can help your business to refine, improve, and enhance your new products and applications. It can test your product and identify an application’s significant weaknesses or flaws by streamlining a variety of test sequences and screening. It leverages your business and helps you amplify your brand quality by providing it with a series of testing enhancements. 
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Internet of Things

Logic Square offers high-end IoT application development services to enhance business proficiency and scalability. 

Web App Development

As a top custom web development company, we create scalable, secure, and visually stunning web apps. Our latest tech stacks ensure cost-effective and efficient solutions tailored to your needs.

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