Closewise - Notary and Signing Service Platform

In collaboration with Mr. Tyler Temple, the visionary leader of a prominent signing company, our team embarked on a transformative journey to develop Closewise, a cutting-edge signing service tool and business management platform. 


Project Objective

The objective was clear – to create an integrated solution for notary signing agents and signing companies, streamlining their operational workflows, optimizing processes, and facilitating flawless transaction closures. Over two decades of experience of our client make us pretty confident that we will pull this off with ease. However, that is not the case. This solution tested our abilities, technological know-how, and our patience like never before. We consider Closewise one of our finest jobs in app development. So, let’s dive in. 

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Project Challenges:

Unknown Project Terrain:

Navigating through uncharted territories, we encountered challenges that tested our abilities and technological know-how. The ambiguity of the initial project scope demanded adaptability and resourcefulness.

Vast Number of Features:

Closewise aspired to be an all-in-one solution boasting an extensive range of features. The challenge lies in seamlessly integrating diverse functionalities while maintaining a user-friendly interface and efficient performance.

Unclear Direction and Evolving Concept:

The project's foundation evolved, expanding beyond the initial concept and adapting our codes to accommodate the enhanced framework required for strategic planning and a flexible development approach.

Time Zone Issues:

With the aim to cater to four different time zones across the USA, synchronizing signing agents and notaries for collaborative efforts became a logistical puzzle. Crafting a solution that addressed this diversity without compromising efficiency was paramount.

Frequent Prioritization Changes:

The dynamic landscape of the industry demanded continuous adaptation. Shifting focus based on competitor changes meant our development team had to stay agile, pivoting quickly to incorporate new features and functionalities.

Maintaining Effective Client Communication:

Ensuring a steady flow of information exchange and execution of minor details amid evolving project dynamics tested our project associates. The need to go the extra mile in communication was crucial for Closewise's success.

Implementing Complete Workflow Automation Was Quite Challenging:

We had to build and design a solution that could automate multiple tasks and operations, including bidding, order management, and invoicing. The task was extremely challenging as we had to carefully synchronize all of these tasks and make the entire process flawless and smooth.

Our Solution

CloseWise, our revolutionary signing service tool and business management platform, is underpinned by a robust and cutting-edge tech stack that seamlessly integrates to create a comprehensive solution. On the front end, the dynamic and responsive user interface is crafted using React.js/Next.js, ensuring an engaging and intuitive experience for notary signing agents and signing companies. The backend is powered by the efficiency of Node.js, enabling swift and scalable data processing. The API Gateway facilitates seamless communication between the server and the platform, enhancing the overall performance and responsiveness. Leveraging the versatility of JavaScript, our programming language of choice, we have woven intricate functionalities into the fabric of Closewise.


Storage and content delivery are handled with utmost efficiency through AWS S3/CloudFront, ensuring secure and swift data access. MongoDB, our database of choice, provides a scalable and flexible foundation for organizing and managing vast amounts of transaction-related data. Integrating the renowned Stripe payment processor adds a layer of financial security and convenience, allowing for seamless and secure transactions within the platform. Closewise is not just a signing software; it’s a technological marvel, a testament to the seamless synchronization of diverse technologies converging to create a comprehensive and innovative platform for the notary signing industry.

Tech Stack We Used

We had to build and design a solution that could automate multiple tasks and operations, including bidding, order management, and invoicing. The task was extremely





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Server Communication

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Programming Language


Cloud Service




Payment Processor

Features & Functionalities

CloseWise isn’t just for one team; it’s for both! Notaries streamline schedules, manage tasks, and shine while signing companies find perfect fits, stay connected, and unlock efficiency. Bid pretty, book fast, communicate clearly, and gain valuable insights together. Dive into the features and see how collaboration fuels success!

Calendar Sync


Automated Scheduling and Invoicing


CRM for the Agent






Agent Pay Period Breakdown


Bulk Upload

Bulk Upload

Client and Company Connect

Client and Company Connect

Reporting Feature

Reporting Feature

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Project Outcome

Closewise stands as a testament to Logic Square Technologies’ commitment to innovation and excellence. As one of our flagship products, the journey of developing Closewise was both challenging and transformative, testing the limits of our skills and technological prowess. However, the outcome is nothing short of extraordinary – a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution that has redefined the landscape of the signing service industry.


Closewise empowers notary signing agents, signing companies, and clients with a seamlessly integrated platform that optimizes, automates, and streamlines operational workflows. While we celebrate the success of Closewise, our journey is far from over. We remain dedicated to its continuous enhancement, tirelessly working to make it even brighter and more advanced than its current state. 

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