Our Team

Transparency, Ownership and Accountability.

Our Team is built on transparency, ownership, and accountability

Our Team

Pillars of Logic Square

Meet Our Leaders

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Vineet Harbhajanka

Vineet brings the perfect blend of technical and managerial skills to his projects. He developed an interest in software engineering processes during his masters degree at Ohio State University. In the past decade, he has worked with several leading brands like Amazon, Gap Inc & Epic Systems.

He has an intrinsic understanding of the business world and is an expert in mapping technical solutions to business needs. Vineet is customer centric & obsessed with delivering high performance products, he motivates the team to do the same!

Chief Operating Officer

Tim Branyan

Tim is a serial entrepreneur and his mantra is to provide superior technology services that CUSTOMERS recommend, ENTREPRENEURS prefer, and PARTNERS are proud of. He crossed paths with Logic Square as a customer in his role as an entrepreneur and gradually became a core part of the team.

Tim has experience in security, digital marketing, recruitment, sales, etc. Over the years Tim has become an expert liaison between entrepreneurs and engineering teams. He focuses on leveraging technology to disrupt traditional business paradigms and delivering value.

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Chief Marketing Officer

Chris has a great understanding of both online and offline marketing. He looks into Advertising, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, and Social Media Marketing. His ability to focus on the core needs of the target market is not something that can be taught. His execution is exemplary and that has won the hearts of many clients.

Our Advisors

Raj Sark


Raj Sark

Engineer by education but an innovator at heart. Early on, Raj focused on Bluetooth technology and has 5 patents while building innovative solutions for tracking devices. Later, he moved on to consulting and through his incubator, has helped startups and enterprises save money and time by avoiding mistakes and getting on the right track.



Logan Shippy

Logan has a great understanding of both online and offline marketing. He looks into Advertising, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing, Lead Generation, and Social Media Marketing. His ability to strike a chord with people from different backgrounds is a unique ability that has helped the team make connections, and build relationships with people that have brought great success to the team overall.

Our Team - Our Strength

Kiran Debnath 2

Kiran Debnath

Lead Software Developer
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Vikash Sha

Lead Web Design
Akhilesh Thapliyal

Akhilesh Thapliyal

Lead QA
Neha Kumari

Neha Kumari

Head of Digital Marketing
Diptajit Basak 3

Diptajit Basak

Senior Software Development Engineer
Shubham Bhola 1

Shubham Bhola

UX Designer
Antareep Chaudhuri

Antareep Chaudhuri

Project Manager
Sabyasachi Mishra scaled

Sabyasachi Mishra

Project Manager

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