Logic square is a leading custom web & mobile app development company that offers its services to small businesses in the USA at an affordable cost.

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Logic Square - Custom Web Application Development Company in the USA | Custom Web App Development Services in the USA

What Do We Offer

Web App Development.2 Front End Development

Front-End Development

Our specific front-end development policy aims to create a feature-rich client module without compromising app performance to ensure seamless integration.

Web App Development.2 Back End Development

Back-End Development

We create custom web application and progressive web apps to ensure consistent business logic implementation using top-notch server-side technologies & advanced frameworks like PHP, NodeJs, etc.

Web App Development.2 DevOps Solution

DevOps Solution

Our developers' team works to provide premium DevOps solutions to ensure your web app run smoothly within the well-placed infrastructure & are thoroughly tested and automated.​

1 E Commerce Platform Development

E-Commerce Platform Development

Our e-commerce-related custom web application development company in the USA offer integrated e-commerce web solutions, including payment gateway, integration, pleasing UX, and high-end modules.

Web App Development.2 Cloud Based Web App Development

Cloud-Based Web App Development

As a leading custom web app development company in USA, We provide our clients with cloud-optimized web app solutions with unmatched content and data storage flexibility and security.

1 Turnkey Web App Development

Turnkey Web app development for startups

Our team is experienced and capable of managing full-cycle web app development solutions and taking care of everything from designing and architecture prototyping to coding and testing.

1 Open Source Web App Solutions

Open Source Web App Solutions

Our web app developers use the latest same source codes and programming languages to create or renovate your business site.

1 PWA Development

PWA development company

Based on business requirements & clients' needs, we offer advanced progressive web app development services in the USA which can reach a broader audience base without huge investments.

Web App Development.2 Web Testing

Web Testing

We help you improve, refine, and articulate your web application from time to time by using a variety of traditional and automated testing approaches, OA, and customized testing.

Enjoy Highly Innovative Web Experience

Enjoy Highly Innovative Web

We constantly monitor the newly developed web applications 24/7 to keep them well-performed, well-designed, and solidly fit to eliminate all kinds of troubles.

Enjoy Highly Innovative Web

As a custom best web application development company in the USA, we aim to cater our client’s specific needs by delivering more intuitive navigation and attractive interfaces for web applications & software.

Enjoy Highly Innovative Web

We carefully analyze your business goals and provide customized web solutions ideally suited to your IT requirements and ensure superior accessibility.

Enjoy Highly Innovative Web Experience In Time Delivery
In-Time Delivery

We have in-house web app developers who create cutting-edge web solutions to ensure on-budget and on-time delivery.


custom web application development - Our WorkFlow

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Research The Requirement

Our developers analyze the requirements and purposes of the custom web application development to outline a detailed roadmap for development workflow.

Product Architecture Design

After analyzing the requirements, we create a cross-functional team who designs a basic application architecture outline for further development.

App Designing Phase

Our development team then expanded the architecture by incorporating visual interface assets, front-end critical elements, and user-experience components to enhance usability.

App Development Phase

At this stage, our full-stack developer's team rapidly deploys the required features and implements back-end properties into the app’s foundation.

App Deployment & Implementation

Our developers' team then deploys the web software in the required operational environment and takes all necessary steps to make it smooth.

Testing & Quality Assurance

We have a dedicated team of web app testers who perform a series of traditional and automated test practices to make the final product more polished & refined.

Maintenance & Support

We ensure the app's smooth running in all operating conditions and continuously improve its performance & efficiency.

Industries We Serve



Ecommerce & Retail



Hi-Tech & Innovations

Logistics & Transportation

Media & Entertainment

Enterprise & Manufacturing



Construction & real estate

HR & recruiting

Tourism & HoReCa

Oil & Gas

Why We Are Your Best Pick

custom web application development. custom web application, progressive web app development company

Test-Driven Quality Assurance

As one of the leading custom web application development company in the USA, Logic Square provides test-driven quality management assurance with automated testing to ensure sustainable & scalable web app performance.

Seamless Integration With Agile Solutions

Our agile custom web application consultants help you streamline your workflow by achieving a smooth and seamless web application integration.

Intuitive Evolution & Optimization

Our approach to consistent optimization and enhancement of web apps keep them in sync with our client's business goals and expectations.

On-Time Delivery With 24/7 Support

We ensure continuous delivery of new functionalities and features in our custom web application development services in the USA by providing our clients with superior 24/7 customer support.

Fulfil Your Business Goals Through Our High-Performance Custom Web Applications

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A Web Interface That Aligns With New Age Advanced Technologies

Web App Development 01
A User-Friendly Interface

An easy-to-use interface that suits the needs of the end-users.

Web App Development 02
Development Process

We will keep you updated about the entire development process.

Web App Development 03
Compelling And Engaging

Creativity & engagement that compels the users to use your website.

Web App Development 04
Most Compatible Technologies

Effective and yet efficient solutions with the most advanced technologies.

Logic Square, The Best Web App Development Company In Indiana

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Scalable And Secure

Web App Development 10

Maximum Client Reach

Leave Digital Worries On Us

Get in Touch With Logic Square To Scale Your Digital Operations

Web App Development 06

Result Oriented

Web App Development 07 1

ROI-driven Approach

Web App Development 08

Clever UX/UI

Web App Development 09

Startups Friendly

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We Use Unique & Innovative Approach In Our Web Development Projects

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You can use high-end web applications as a powerful tool for your business to sell your products or services to your potential customers more personalized manner. A customized web application has advanced features to provide your clients with intelligent solutions.

We are one of the best custom web application development company in the USA and we have experienced web developers who can deliver on-budget and in-time web app development services and ensure web app quality by meeting the general requirements of your business.

Of course you can. You are the ultimate owner of the project, and with your help, we give life to your project idea. So, you have the complete freedom to check and review the codes, designs, wireframes, and other critical components of the app and share your opinions to improve it further during the development phase.

Yes, we do, and a splendid one. You can check our service records for support, maintenance, and upgrading from our present clients, as we have an excellent client retention rate. Our support, maintenance, optimization, and web application consulting services are the biggest reason for our impressive client satisfaction rate.

It’s not essential to have the same features on your website as your web application. You should first concentrate on your app development and have a website with just one page. Once you get more traction, you should start focusing on developing a more intuitive website with features the same as your web application.

An ideal process for web application development is a mechanism to create an application equipped with the latest technologies which will run on a web server and can be accessed through the internet. The process is an innovative yet short lifecycle performed by developers, including custom web app development services such as performance testing and post-launch technical support.

There is no One-best-way to develop web applications. Every business has different goals and objectives, so web applications have different requirements for different purposes. As a leading web application company, we first analyze your business requirements, design your web application, and help pick the proper framework for your project.

As a customer-centric web app development company, we provide you with a specific time frame to complete your web development project. After considering critical factors like your project complexities, business goals, target user base, and budget, we give a specific time frame. We are renowned for our fast and consistent delivery of complex projects while ensuring the completion of software development at the maximum speed.
More Services

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Mobile App Development

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No Matter What the Industry, We Deliver What Is Promised

Be it FinTech, Social Networking, eCommerce, or Logistics, Logic Square is always ready with solutions & the strategy to implement them.

In this tech-driven world, businesses have become more professional, tailored, digital and organized. To adapt to this, the market has witnessed a boom in web app development in every sector.

Our dedicated team makes sure they return to you within 24 hours after hearing your query. We respond only after analyzing your needs & formulating the strategy required to implement them.

We are the best-in-class for startups and small businesses. We help them scale in their respective industry by building their client base & progressively try to enhance their quality of work.

With over 100 projects completed, we are committed to delivering high cutting edge solutions that align with your business needs to provide you optimum digital services that maximise your profits.

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