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Ficasave is dedicated to assisting companies in optimizing their tax savings for employees in the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA). With a commitment to financial care, Ficasave provides innovative tools and strategies tailored to the unique needs of businesses aiming to navigate the complexities of FICA regulations.

Our client, Ficasave, stands as a reliable partner for companies seeking to streamline their tax-saving processes. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of FICA, Ficasave offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to maximize tax benefits and save $700-800/year on an employee. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Ficasave is dedicated to empowering you with the tools and insights needed to enhance your financial landscape.

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Onboarding Challenges

Getting new affiliates on board was a challenge. They had to do a few important things, like signing an agreement, filling out a W9 form, and sharing some ACH details. The tricky part was making this process simple and quick.


Tracking Affiliate Type and Commission

Ficasave has two types of affiliates: Standard Affiliates and Super Affiliates. While both types share similar responsibilities, they diverge in commission structures. Standard Affiliates receive $5 per eligible member (PEPM) on level 1 and $2 PEPM on level 2, whereas Super Affiliates enjoy higher commissions of $10 PEPM on level 1 and $5 PEPM on level 2. The challenge was accurately tracking each affiliate's type and calculating their commissions accordingly. The current system lacks a robust method for differentiating between the affiliate types and applying the appropriate commission rates. The company required a comprehensive solution to ensure transparency and accuracy in commission payments.


Managing Different Leader Levels

The existence of multiple secondary leaders under a single primary leader introduces a nuanced dimension to the referral structure. Navigating and effectively managing this intricate hierarchy of leaders, coupled with their affiliates, presents a formidable task. The challenge lies not just in overseeing the organizational structure but also in ensuring seamless management of commissions and referral intricacies for each leader within this dynamic framework. Welcome to the challenge of orchestrating the intricate dance of leadership dynamics in a multi-tiered system.


Crafting the Hierarchical Lineage Tree

The client's vision included a lineage tree, including administrators, organizational leaders, and affiliates. The intricacy of this challenge lies in tailoring the tree's visibility to meet the specific needs of each role. While admins and organizational leaders required a systematic view spanning infinite levels, affiliates were limited to a concise perspective of up to two levels. Implementing this dynamic lineage tree posed a significant challenge.


Organizing Leaders & Their Associates 

In Ficasave, organizational leaders come in two forms—Primary and Secondary. Both leaders can act as sub-admins, ensuring a comprehensive oversight of all affiliates across infinite levels within their organization. This includes tracking the performance of clients brought into the system by their affiliates. While developing the web app, efficiently managing these organization leaders and their associated commissions, alongside the intricate web of affiliates, emerged as a challenge. 


To overcome the challenge of distinct commission structures for Standard and Super Affiliates in Ficasave, we introduced a specialized management system for addressing commission distribution-related challenges. This system identifies each affiliate type and employs an advanced algorithm to calculate commissions seamlessly. 

To tackle the challenge of a complex affiliate onboarding process, we integrated DocuSign. This electronic signature solution streamlines the signing of agreements, filling out W9 forms, and sharing ACH details. With DocuSign, new affiliates experience a quick and user-friendly onboarding journey, simplifying what was once a cumbersome process. This implementation reflects our commitment to leveraging technology for efficient solutions and improving the overall affiliate experience.

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Node.js, Express.js
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AWS S3 Bucket

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The completion of the Ficasave project stands as a testament to our commitment and proficiency in developing solutions for businesses. Throughout the development phase, we navigated the complexities of the Ficasave initiative, resulting in a resounding success. Our focus on precision allowed us to optimize our clients’ financial growth and elevate the management of affiliates simply and robustly. The case study serves as a living example of our dedication to excellence in helping businesses seize FICA opportunities. We successfully delivered a value-driven outcome, showcasing not only our expertise in the field but also our ability to bring tangible benefits to our clients. 


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