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Logic Square, an innovative UI/UX Design Consultancy With Expert Web & Mobile App Design Services, offers premium design services for mobile apps, web products and games that increase engagement and brings more consistency to your business venture. From in-depth design research to developing a digital experience strategy, Logic Square is committed to providing its clients with a transcending digital experience through state-of-the-art UX/UI works. Our eye-catching design and user-friendly interfaces can make any mobile app, game, and web app highly engaging.


Benefits You Enjoy By Working With Us

Logic Square curates beautiful interface designs through an effective data-driven strategy to delight your app users. Our UX designers will provide you with attractive design templates and creative ideas for your app to improve your bottom line. As a leading UI/UX Design Consultancy, our designers do everything to deliver a delightful app experience.


Our Services At UI/UX Design Consultancy

Mobile App Design

We have a team of experienced UX/UI designers that can provide your mobile app with inspirational designs, trendy graphic elements, and eye-catching illustrations to make it more attractive.

Web App Design

As a premium Our designers deliver intuitive and high-responsive design elements to your web app to provide end-users with seamless user experience alongside compelling user interface.

Wireframe And Prototyping

We use the latest prototyping tool to incorporate powerful design features and UI elements into your final product to enhance greater collaboration & responsiveness.

UI Testing

Our UI/UX designers meet the graphical user interface specifications of your application by using the latest UI testing tools and perform multiple trials to improve its functionalities.

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Our UX/UI Process At UI/UX Design Consultancy

Research & Strategy

We dig deeper to understand your business goals, app requirements, and user needs. Our expert designers connect with the stakeholders, conduct extensive research, and formulates a strategy to achieve objectives.

Architect And Organize

After in-depth research, the next stage of our web/mobile app design services is determining the architecture of the interface. At this stage, we categorize and design the elements.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Once the roadmap design is ready, we outline the UI elements and create wireframes to specify the position of the elements. Then we turn the wireframes into prototypes to elaborate the flow of the structure.

Visual Design

As a UI/UX Design Consultancy, We know phase of the design process, we begin visual design of the scalable, visually appealing, and highly interactive interfaces for web & mobile solutions.

UI Development

After finishing the visual designing phase, we move to the UI development step. Our team builds the UI design that aligns with your business vision. We ensure the interface is highly functional & interactive.

Usability Testing

At this stage, our team performs comprehensive tests of designed interfaces to identify potential flaws. We ensure the user interface is navigational and user-friendly. After the testing phase and eliminating all the possible risks, we finally move to the delivery stage.

Questions? Look Here!

1. What are UI and UX design?

UI stands for user interface, and UI design refers to designing the interface of the software, app, or website. Basically, UI design predicts the product’s layout, accessibility, features, and look. It visually depicts the interface of your app or website and shows how it will behave. On the other hand, UX stands for user experience, and it shows how users will interact with your website or app. Its core focus is to fulfil the user’s goals by determining the product’s function. UX design helps to understand how user-friendly and interactive your digital product is.

2. How will UI/UX design benefit my business?

Opting UI/UX Design Consultancy for your digital project will help you save time, cut costs, increase productivity, and reduce potential risks. It leads to a smooth user experience and helps to get excellent customer satisfaction, conversions and ROI. Our UI/UX Design Consultancy will provide you with a great and enthusiastic team of experienced designers who will work exclusively on your projects and help you achieve your goal.

3. What is the importance of UI/UX design, and why should I prioritize it for my digital project?

It is best to prioritize the UI/UX design service for your business, as it makes your product more convenient for the users. Here are some of the benefits of using UI/UX design:

  • Helps in improving the user experience
  • Enhances user satisfaction, which leads to increased conversions and ROI
  • Increases the user engagement rate
  • Empowers the brand reputation
  • Reduce errors and risks
4. How do your team conduct UX research?

When it comes to UX research, our UI/UX Design Consultancy gives you a team of experts who go through each crucial step to determine the target audience and make decisions to composing an endearing UX strategy. This research phase includes discussions, surveys, testing, and user persona creation. We also conduct the UX audit and usability testing to analyze the website or app usage.

5. What services do your UI/UX Design Consultancy provide?

If you are seeking UI/UX design consultancy and mobile app design services, our comprehensive offerings include the following:

~ Web/mobile app designing

~ UX Research

~ Wireframing/prototyping

~ UI/UX testing

~ IOT UI/UX design

6. How much will it cost to design my digital product?

It depends on your business and project needs. It mainly costs as per the hourly rate UI/UX designer charge while working on the project, which may take 2-3 weeks to 2-3 months. If you want to hire our UI/UX design service company, contact us, and we will help you estimate the overall cost. Our experienced UI/UX designers and developers will assist you throughout the journey and help you achieve your business goal fastly.

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