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AR VR App Development Company in the USA

AR VR App Development Company

Hire Us To Deliver Highly Engaging AR/VR App Solutions:

Being an AR VR app development company in the USA, we specialize in providing top-notch virtual reality app development and augmented reality app development services. Our expert team is dedicated to crafting immersive and interactive AR applications using state-of-the-art tools, frameworks, and SDKs. With our expertise, we ensure compatibility across various platforms, delivering exceptional AR experiences to our clients.

premium Virtual Reality App Development Services in the USA

As a leading VR app development company in the USA, we uses high-end intuitive tools and techniques to deliver customer-focused experiences. We are committed to providing our clients with a real-life virtual reality experience that caters to their target audience with minimum cost, time, and effort.

1 Scalable VR Solutions

Scalable VR Solutions

Logic Square helps clients by developing customized VR solutions by facilitating enterprise-grade hardware and software for critical operations. In addition, we help them choose the right platform to incorporate a mix of 3D models equipped with high-definition sound effects and accurate detailing of each frame and interaction to expand the scale of your business.

1 VR Design

VR Design

With us, you will be able to provide your clients with an immersive user experience and catch their attention through in-detail VR designs and craftsmanship. Our augmented & virtual reality app development services aims to deliver high-quality visuals, appealing content and transcended interactions to ensure users’ excitement and interests.

1 VR Games

VR Games

We have a committed VR gaming team specializing in VR streaming, visualization, and streaming. We use state-of-the-art VR technologies to develop highly immersive games to replace gamers' real world and hook them to the game until the end. Our highly interactive 3D gaming models are designed to ensure high-end immersion and engagement.

Our AR App Development Services In the USA

To create outstanding AR experiences across the platforms, our team uses the latest AR tech stacks and builds interactive AR applications that deliver immersive user experiences each time. We analyze your project requirements and target audience to tailor-made our solutions equipped with need-focused features.

2 AR App Development And Consulting

AR App Development and Consulting

As a leading augmented reality app development company in the USA, we help you to pick the right AR application from many AR solutions to meet your project requirements. Based on your AR needs, our app development experts develop a dynamic strategy and implementation plan to perform AR application development systematically and systematically.

2 AR App UI UX Design

AR App UI/UX Design

To deliver immersive user experience across multiple platforms and devices, we use enterprise-grade UX/UI design tools and follow the specific market cum industry standards and universal design guidelines. We design your AR application by incorporating critical UX/UI components that ensure the augmented reality experience and blend it with your real-world environment seamlessly.

2 AR App Integration

AR App Integration

To develop fully-functional marker-less, marker-based, and location-based AR applications, our team provides our clients with top-notch AR integration services. AR app integration solutions we provide are designed to enhance your AR app performance and its existing capabilities. Our end-to-end cloud integration services make your app scalable.

Why You Need Us To Scale Up Your AR/VR Projects:

Surreal Immersive Experience 02 svg
Surreal Immersive Experience

Our digital products focus on providing an amazing customer experience.

ARVR Services 02
A Cost-Effective Solution

We have augmented & virtual reality services that offer maximum efficiency with low-cost solutions.

ARVR Services 03
Cutting Edge Technologies

Logic Square leverages the latest technologies to transform your business.

ARVR Services 04
Custom AR/VR Development

Unique & creative augmented & virtual reality services are customizable as per needs.

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Ecommerce & Retail



Hi-Tech & Innovations

Logistics & Transportation

Media & Entertainment

Enterprise & Manufacturing



Construction & real estate

HR & recruiting

Tourism & HoReCa

Oil & Gas

AR VR App Development Services

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3 End To End Solutions 1

End-To-End Solutions

3 Reliable Ecosystem 1

Reliable Ecosystem

3 Product Strategy 1

Product Strategy

3 ROI Driven Approach 1

ROI-Driven Approach

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In simple terms, virtual reality (VR) services replace our real world with an unrealistic virtual environment, while augmented reality (AR) development services bring digital elements into the real world, enhancing it with additional layers. AR adds digital features to your world, while VR completely transforms your physical surroundings into a virtual realm.


Nowadays, there is a wide range of AR/VR platforms available in the market, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right AR/VR platform depends on the business requirements and future goals. An experienced professional can help you choose the right platform and use the right tool to implement it.

There are multiple programming languages available to develop these applications. However, the languages C and C++ are the most common of all. C++ programming language is also used to develop AR/VR solutions in collaboration with prominent unity engines.

The time frame for developing your AR/VR apps is not fixed. Certain factors influence the time for developing these applications. These factors include app features, project complexities, available resources, projects, and budget. However, in Logic Square, an AR VR app development company in USA, we have a specific time frame for the completion of each project.

Today, AR and VR apps are broad uses across multiple platforms and industries, including healthcare, gaming, entertainment, e-commerce, education, training, manufacturing, real estate, hospitality, and many other industries.

To get an accurate estimate for the cost of virtual reality services and augmented reality development services, it’s best to consult with our experts. Various factors, including project complexities, development tools, platform, target audience, and app features, contribute to the overall cost. Let us help you bring your idea to life.

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