Logic square is a leading custom web & mobile app development company that offers its services to small businesses in the USA at an affordable cost.

Custom Blockchain App Development Company in The USA

Logic Square - Custom Blockchain App Development Company in USA|Custom Blockchain Solutions
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Elevating Blockchain App Development For Enterprises Everywhere

2 Unmatched

Unmatched Expertise

We have the team of most talented blockchain app developers in the USA, we deliver complex blockchain solutions on time and within budget through innovating workflow management.

2 Real Time Solutions

Real-time Solutions

We provide you with top-notch custom blockchain app development services by carrying out an in-depth analysis of your business goals and project challenges. We are known for delivering real-time solutions.

2 Human Machine Integration

Human & Machine Integration

We have made our solutions data-driven to make them more appropriate for enterprises and IT projects. Human-machine symbiosis is the key to our success.

Custom Blockchain App Development Services in the USA

3 Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain Consulting

We have an excellent team of blockchain consultants who can guide you through implementing custom blockchain app development solutions to your specific business requirements.

3 NFT Development

NFT Development

Our NFT experts can deliver customized non-fungible tokens for your business with adequate security and uniqueness.

3 DApps Development

dApps Development

We can help you build an enterprise-grade and decentralized blockchain application to provide you with greater flexibility, security & scalability.

3 Tokenization Platform Development

Tokenization Platform Development

Our experienced blockchain app developers can help you tokenize your desired assets and can build all kinds of tokenization platforms.

3 Blockchain IoT Development

Blockchain IoT Development

We carefully analyze the potential of any blockchain platform to create a perfect blockchain network for delivering intuitive IoT solutions.

3 Blockchain AI Development

Blockchain AI Development

We also offer AI-powered blockchain app development services to streamline your payment processing and transactions & make them more secure and insightful.

Why Choose Logic Square As Your custom blockchain App development company in the USA?

4 Transparent Workflow
Transparent Workflow

We have a transparent customer policy that outlines a clear workflow

4 Proficient Blockchain Developers
Innovative & Customized Solutions

We tailor our services based on our business goals and project needs.

4 Proficient Blockchain Developers
Proficient Blockchain Developers

We have a team of well-trained and experienced blockchain app developers

4 Up To Date Technical Support
Up-To-Date Technical Support

We use the latest platforms and technology to provide you with the best solution

Industries We Serve



Ecommerce & Retail



Hi-Tech & Innovations

Logistics & Transportation

Media & Entertainment

Enterprise & Manufacturing



Construction & real estate

HR & recruiting

Tourism & HoReCa

Oil & Gas

Platforms & Technologies

Platforms We Work Upon

Platforms We work Upon

logo Ethereum


We use this decentralized platform to run dApps

logo Hyperledger


It is an open-source platform for developing enterprise-grade blockchain app solutions.

logo Corda


It is an excellent platform for businesses with specific project needs.

logo Steller


This is also an open-source platform, effective for building financial products

logo EOS


This is another decentralized platform great for fast and secure payments

logo Tron


For high-performance blockchain applications development, you need this platform

Technologies We Through

Technologies We Through

5 Financial Transactions

Financial Transactions

We develop solutions for macro and micropayments & global transactions

5 Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

We facilitate Digital wallets, crypto payments, and e-auctions

5 Marketplaces


These include token-bases buying and peer-to-peer transactions

5 Payments


We deliver digital wallets and fast crowd sales

5 Care Delivery Workflows

Care Delivery Workflows

Blockchain-based IoMTs, Improved interoperable healthcare

5 Trading Solutions

Trading Solutions

It includes portfolio tracking, automated trading, and digital asset tokenization

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It is a secured and distributed data store. Anyone who participates in this network has their own data store that stores all the transactions that ever happened on the network.

Mining has used a proof of work for participants in the blockchain. Whenever a block of transactions is agreed upon, every participating node attempts to ‘mine’ the block.

We use many blockchain platforms, including EOS, Tron, Steller, Corda, etc.
There are many reasons to choose Logic Square as your blockchain development company in USA. We have a proven track record of successfully developing and deploying blockchain applications. We have a team of experienced blockchain developers who are up to date on the latest blockchain technology trends.
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As a leading custom mobile app development company, we leverage our extensive experience to create captivating interfaces for iOS and Android devices.

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At Logic Square, our skilled team excels in mobile game design, creating captivating and immersive experiences for iOS, Android, Windows, Web, NFT, and metaverse platforms.

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