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IoT Has The Power To Transform Your Business

Our IoT application development services seamlessly integrate your smart device with innovative IoT solutions and applications and help you save money and time.

As a leading IoT app development Company in the USA, we provide a comprehensive range of solutions to enhance your business efficiency and drive profitability.

Our IoT Solutions

IoT Development

IoT Development Consultation

We are the best IoT app development Company in the USA and have a team of highly skilled IoT software developers who can provide you with suitable suggestions and professional consultations to achieve your product goals.

product design

Product Design

Our team successfully merges a robust cloud framework with your smart gadgets and devices with sensors, actuators, and network connectivity.

IoT Mobile App Development

IoT Mobile App Development

Logic Square has the expertise in managing the entire IoT ecosystem to efficiently deliver customized apps for all iOS and Android devices that work with IoT data.

IOT Web App Development

IoT Web App Development

Our developers build top-notch IoT web applications for our clients to connect remote and geographically distant devices through their browsers.

Customized Software Development 2

Customized Software Development

We provide customized IoT app development services in the USA to meet your specific project and technical requirements.

Testing Maintenance

Testing & Maintenance

IoT testers use the best QA tools to keep your IoT apps bug free and provide timely support and maintenance to resolve any issue.

The digital universe doubles in size every two years, with the number of connected devices set to top $40 billion in 2020. Worldwide loT spending is growing at a double-digit rate as well, with spending to surpass S1 trillion by 2022. Global market inteligence firm IDC, 2019.

Global market intelligence firm IDC, 2019

Our IoT Workflow

As a top-rated IoT app development company in the USA, Logic Square has some of the most experienced IoT experts. They follow a streamlined approach to provide their customers with end-to-end IoT solutions by following specific steps.

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Wireframing & Prototyping

Based on your project requirements and concept ideation, our IoT experts build interactive prototypes and functioning wireframing to create a scalable review of the final product.

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UI/UX Design

Our software architects then incorporate the critical UI/UX components into the application to provide users with immersive experiences and engagement.

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At this stage, we use the latest codes and programming languages to construct your app, merge it with the developed design documents, and translate it into source code.

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Testing, Deployment, & Support

Logic Square offers extensive test services once the coding is complete and before its launch and deployment. Our post-launch support ensures the smooth functioning of IoT applications.


Capitalize Your Brand with the Best IoT app development company in the USA

Improved Business Insights

Keep an eye on your operations with enhanced insights.

Efficiency And Productivity

Logic Square always aims at delivering quality with low-cost solutions.

Data And Analytics

More data insights with more analysis to scale your business.

New Business Models

We try something new & unique, keeping in mind your goals.

Industries We Serve



Ecommerce & Retail



Hi-Tech & Innovations

Logistics & Transportation

Media & Entertainment

Enterprise & Manufacturing



Construction & real estate

HR & recruiting

Tourism & HoReCa

Oil & Gas

Time Demands a Digital Transformation

Why partner with us?

Quality Assurance1

Quality Assurance

Customized Software Development 11

Customized Solutions

On Time Delivery2

On-Time Delivery

24x7 Technical Assistance1

24x7 Technical Assistance

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We have been a leading IoT app development company in the USA for many years and have the necessary expertise to deliver outstanding IoT solutions across industries. We have a desiccated IoT application development team who keeps your tech project affordable and efficient simultaneously and gives your idea a new life. 

IoT solutions enhance workflow automation to increase productivity, operational management, and downtime optimization and decrease the cost and inefficiency of every layer of your business. It allows companies to use their assets and resources optimally while scaling or expanding their operations. Further, implementing IoT solutions can give you ultimate control over multiple functions and projects.

Yes, we will. Logic Square offers its IoT app development services not only to the applications developed by it but also to the applications and software curated by others. We make changes to an existing application based on our client’s preferences.

Our experts will provide you with the perfect answer during our personal conversation. However, the duration of your project delivery will depend on multiple factors such as the complexities of the project, features, budget, size of our IoT application development team, number of projects in your hands, etc. We always put our efforts into completing any task before the specified deadline.
IoT applications and systems comprise four essential and integral components: sensors/devices, connectivity, data processing, and user interface. However, there are some IoT applications available that require some additional layers or components.
Six types of protocols and network standards are widely used during the IoT application development process.
These six protocols are:
  • Bluetooth & BLE
  • Cellular
  • LPWANs
  • Mesh Protocols
  • WiFi & RFID
More Services

AR and VR Services

Logic Square designs, develops, and articulates immersive AR/VR development services to enhance superior customer experience and boost next-generation innovations.

Testing Services

Logic Square provides innovative high-end testing solutions and QA services to ensure the smooth functioning of websites, CRM...

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