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CES Schools, a distinguished academic administrative body in Florida, entrusted Logic Square Technologies to modernize and elevate its school audit processes. Having previously relied on traditional spreadsheets to record audit reports for schools across Florida, CES Schools sought a transformative solution. The goal was to replace manual processes with a user-friendly and responsive web application, enabling comprehensive audits, report generation, and efficient management of schools, team members, and teachers.

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Dynamic Audit Page

Creating a dynamic audit page with questions, graphs, and reports presented a challenge for front-end development.


Backend Complexity

Handling a substantial volume of audit records and calculations and retrieving data for specific schools posed challenges for backend development.


Visual Representation

Meticulous attention is required to develop an intuitive and visually appealing interface for critical requirements, audit questions, and multiple tabs with different question sets.


Cross-Platform Responsiveness

Ensuring the web application's responsiveness across various operating systems, including Android and iOS, required careful consideration of UX/UI elements.


Unique Audit Requirements

The need for comprehensive academic, business, and cultural audits presented unique challenges in defining performance indicators.


Access Control Implementation

Implementing a robust access control system for front-end operations added another layer of complexity.


Logic Square Technologies delivered a state-of-the-art web application empowered by a robust tech stack, including React.js for the front-end, Node.js for the backend, and MongoDB for efficient data management. Our solution streamlined the school audit process, facilitating seamless report generation and efficient management for CES Schools. We implemented a dynamic and responsive design to handle the substantial volume of audit records, complex calculations, and graphical performance overviews. The application featured advanced filters for precise searches based on location, school name, DOE code, and teachers’ names.

Our development team crafted an intuitive user interface with multiple tabs housing distinct question sets, ensuring a user-friendly experience for administrators. To cater to CES Schools’ unique audit requirements, we incorporated an exclusive drop-down list showcasing various audits, providing a comprehensive view of the school’s performance. The application’s cross-platform responsiveness extended its accessibility to Android and iOS. Furthermore, our team implemented an intricate access control system, ensuring selective app permissions for teachers and schools. It not only bolstered security but also granted CES School administrators an extra layer of control.

Tech Stack Used

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Server Communication:
Rest Api
Programming Language:
Cloud Service:
AWS S3 Bucket

Features &

Team Collaboration


Comprehensive Audit Process & Reporting

Performance Comparison & Benchmarking

Advanced Filtering & Search

School Profile Creation & Management

Accessibility Control & User Management


Our mission to develop a feature-rich web application to ensure seamless and streamlined school audit management for CES Schools was a grand success. The client was delighted and praised for our work. Our application flawlessly replaced the previous spreadsheet-based audit system, allowing CES Schools to conduct thorough audits, generate performance reports, and efficiently manage schools, team members, and teachers. With any groundbreaking technology, the app remains on a path of continual evolution. We are upgrading and maintaining this web application to make it more efficient. 


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