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Client Overview

Credit Revive (a pseudonym, as the actual name is not being mentioned at the client’s request) is an interactive web application that reevaluates users’ existing credit scores to help them rebuild a better credit score. We have been assigned to develop a game-changer solution that assists users in comprehending, monitoring, and repairing their credit scores against the real-time credit reports of all three top credit bureaus. We were excited about this unique project challenge and ready to face it head-on. Brace yourselves; this is where credit score makeovers get real!


Project Objective

Imagine a seamless interface where you don’t just passively observe your credit score; you actively wrest control of it. The app responds to the prevalent challenges of faulty credit reports issued by bureaus and the frustration of navigating complex credit lines. The innovative spark behind Credit Revive is its mission to empower users to do more than passively observe their credit scores. It’s a tool that invites active participation, encouraging users to take affirmative actions, repair, and ultimately rebuild their credit standing. In a world of financial intricacies, Credit Revive is a solution guiding users toward a brighter credit future.

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Tim Branyan

Founder, Truefanz

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Partner Exit

One of the partners had to exit the project for personal reasons, causing a communication vacuum. This gap presented significant challenges in maintaining project continuity and coherence.


PDF Parsing

Extracting pertinent data from credit reports in PDF format proved challenging, leading to potential data extraction errors. We had to be extra cautious in developing a PDF format that showcases accurate scores and other details.


OpenAI ChatGPT Integration

Integrating OpenAI ChatGPT API for precise credit report analysis presented hurdles in achieving seamless data insights. The main challenge was to validate the data accuracy presented by the OpenAI.


Dispute Letter Sequencing

Designing a systematic approach for generating and sending dispute letters required intricate planning to ensure accuracy and order. Our primary concern was to develop an intuitive letter sequencing model that works seamlessly for all 3 credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, & Transunion) and their respective credit lines while identifying different issues for each.


Customized Letter Templates

Creating personalized letter templates for various dispute scenarios demanded flexibility in template design and storage. We wanted to align our letter templates with US Federal laws under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (1681) and make provisions for other laws that can be incorporated in the future.


Coding Complexities

Overcoming intricate coding challenges during development, especially in managing and querying MongoDB databases. For Credit Revive, we wanted a flawless implementation of codes that did not hinder the app's smooth functioning and responsiveness.


Scheduled Letter Sending

Enabling the automatic sending of dispute letters on specific dates posed a logistical challenge in terms of scheduling and execution. We aimed to develop a 4 round dispute letter-sending mechanism for each credit bureau and their credit lines after a certain period (31st days). The task seemed complicated as we had to set a trigger after 31 days to initiate the next round, which was calculated based on the date we sent the last letter.


UX/UI Challenges

Ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience across devices, addressing challenges in the application's user interface and overall design. Our challenge was to shrink a complex desktop UI onto a mobile screen by prioritizing information, contorting layouts, and innovative interactions by reinventing how to make text bite-sized, tap-friendly target buttons and intuitive swipes and scrolls without compromising the overall functionalities. 


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Features & Functionalities

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Our Approach

Our development team embraced Credit Revive’s vision, transforming it into an innovative, interactive web application. We utilized the latest technologies and industry best practices to ensure scalability, security, and a seamless user experience. Through continuous communication and collaboration with Credit Revive, we aligned the platform with evolving requirements, delivering a game-changing solution that helps users comprehend, monitor, and repair their credit scores in real-time with data from all three top credit bureaus.


Tech Stack

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Queue Management:
Auto Scaling:
Cloud Service:
3rd-Party Integration:
MailGun, Twilio, AWS (S3), Stripe, OpenAI ChatGPT API, LetterStream, One Signal

Project Outcomes

Our hardships and relentless efforts to make Credit Revive a game-changing web application ultimately paid off. By combining credit monitoring, analysis, and dispute assistance in one user-friendly platform, our developers succeeded in developing an intuitive application that equips users with the tools and knowledge to make informed financial decisions and achieve excellent financial stability. The client was delighted as we developed a user-friendly and secure solution for his users. We are still working on Credit Revive to make it more competitive and refined. 

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