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Future Plan

Grouped is a social media platform for companies and individuals who as Group Leaders have a following that want to keep updated with the latest content from them. Group Leaders can manage their groups as free or on a paid monthly subscription. 

The founding team is young, energetic and full of fresh ideas to bring more features that add value to both group leaders and members. The product has been built on Next.js and Node.

Connecting Content Creators to their Audience


Building this product was initially not complex as the team has experience in this domain, having built similar products before. The challenge came with the fast moving pace. The MVP was built in 6 weeks and a number of feature additions planned for Phase 2. This was based on feedback from pilot users.

The second challenge we faced was the rapid scaling. The product is anticipated to bring in hundreds of thousands of users very quickly. This was evident in the kind of response we saw in the pilot launch.

Success Story

The product has been very well received as seen from feedback of pilot users and the fact that the team has been able to raise money at an increasing valuation. There is a lot of interest in the product with personalities and brands waitlisted till the full commercial launch.

There is a lack of serious competitors in this domain where professional content creators can run a subscription (or free) program and share their content with followers. There are many adult, glamor oriented platforms but those are not a competitor as they do not cater to our target audience.

What we used


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Node JS

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