Smoothire - Recruitment Software For Staffing Agencies

EliteRecruitements, a leading talent acquisition firm, sought a revolution in their hiring process. They envisioned a custom-built and comprehensive staffing tool named Smoothire that could seamlessly automate their workflow, from sourcing ideal candidates to storing and accessing candidates’ data efficiently.


Project Objective

The goal of developing this software is to tackle diverse tasks simultaneously – from creating customizable recruitment stages to seamlessly importing data from platforms like Naukri and LinkedIn. The project was exciting and nerve-wracking as clients wanted us to build an integrated recruitment platform with all the capabilities necessary to streamline the hiring operations. We were excited to execute this new project and were confident that we would succeed despite the difficulties and challenges.  

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Project Challenges:

Multi-Functionality Demand:

A significant challenge was to develop recruitment software that seamlessly handles multiple functions concurrently.

Integration Complexity:

Ensuring smooth integration with popular job portals like and Linkedin posed technical complexities.

Custom Workflow Requirement:

EliteRecruitments needed a customizable workflow to fit their specific recruitment process, adding an extra layer of intricacy.

Tough Balancing Act:

Balancing thoroughness with speed was a constant struggle. Traditional methods sacrificed accuracy for speed, while complex searches took too long to yield results. We needed a solution that could deliver both efficiently.

Bulk Upload Challenge:

It was not easy to build a system that allows recruiters to import a vast amount of candidate data from various data from platforms like LinkedIn, Naukri, and internal databases and map candidate data accurately.

A Complex Task Of Revenue & Application Tracking:

We need to develop a solution that can help users accurately monitor revenue and commission in real-time. The task was quite complicated as we also had to incorporate a system that could automatically calculate commission percentages based on pre-defined rules and placement values.

Implementing Complete Workflow Automation Was Quite Challenging:

We had to build and design a solution that could automate multiple tasks and operations, including bidding, order management, and invoicing. The task was extremely challenging as we had to carefully synchronize all of these tasks and make the entire process flawless and smooth.

Our Solution

Orchestrating Harmony with a Modular Backend: We leveraged the versatility of Node.js to craft a modular backend architecture, enabling independent execution of functionalities for candidate sourcing, task management, and data import. It ensured a smooth and responsive user experience, even with multiple concurrent tasks.


Bridging the Data Gap with Custom Connectors: To streamline data integration, we built custom connectors using Node.js, seamlessly integrated with popular job portals like Naukri and LinkedIn. It eliminated the tedious and error-prone manual data entry process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.


Flexible Workflows Empowered by a Dynamic Frontend: We harnessed the power of React.js to create a user-friendly interface that enabled EliteRecruitements to customize their recruitment workflow to match their unique needs. This flexibility extended to every stage of the process, from initial screening to final selection, ensuring a tailored experience aligned perfectly with their hiring practices.


API Gateway for Efficient Communication: We employed an API Gateway to streamline communication between front and backend components to ensure smooth data flow and seamless interactions. This centralized hub facilitated efficient data exchange and enhanced overall system responsiveness.

Tech Stack We Used

We had to build and design a solution that could automate multiple tasks and operations, including bidding, order management, and invoicing. The task was extremely





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Server Communication

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Programming Language


Cloud Service




Payment Processor

Features & Functionalities

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Bulk Data Import & Upload:

Create New Openings Based On the Client's Requirements:


Advanced Filtering for Specific Job Roles:

Bulk Email To Candidates:


Workflow Modifications and Default Hiring Workflow:

Sharing Candidate Profiles With Clients & Allowing Them To Share Internally:


CV Upload:

Scheduling Meeting:


Advanced Communication Tool with Tailored Call Button:

Customized Email Templates (In-Built):


Push Notifications & Alerts:

Smart Search & Sharing:



User Guidance:



Client and Company Connect

Reporting Feature

Reporting Feature

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Project Outcome

The deployed Smoothire ATS not only met but exceeded EliteRecruitments’ expectations. The streamlined hiring system of Smoothire enhanced operational efficiency, reducing manual efforts significantly.


The system’s ability to seamlessly integrate with popular job portals provided recruiters with a comprehensive solution for talent acquisition. As a result, our client experienced a streamlined and efficient recruitment process, marking a successful collaboration with Logic Square Technologies.

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