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With inspiration from sites like Masterclass and Skillshare, the founder of Stat Club imagines it as a transformative hub for empowering individuals with the skills needed to thrive in profitable trades and businesses. Recognizing the importance of practical knowledge, Stat Club focuses on delivering curated classes led by industry veterans, imparting years of invaluable experience to learners. The platform aims to equip individuals with the insights necessary to establish successful businesses.


Project Objective

Our objective was to design and implement a system that delivers curated classes. The platform needed to be user-friendly and engaging, facilitating a seamless learning experience for users. Key features included video content delivery, interactive elements like assignments, and a robust backend for managing courses and user data. By integrating these components, the project sought to ensure that learners gain actionable insights and skills, empowering them to thrive in their respective trades and businesses.

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Tim Branyan

Founder, Truefanz

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Project Challenges:

Client's Limited Technical Inclination

Our client exhibited a notable lack of technical inclination. This presented a significant challenge as it acted as an obstacle to the smooth integration of advanced technologies within their business operations.

Client’s Resistance to Suggestions

The client was hesitant to adopt recommended technological strategies, which was impeding progress towards a smooth development process. Dealing with client's behavior towards any suggestion acted as a big barrier in the entire development process.

Client's Frequent Requests For UI Changes

Client’s frequent requests to change UI posed significant challenges to the project timeline and allocated resources. Each adjustment in the user interface required additional design, development, and testing efforts. It also increased the workload for the development team.

Tracking Past Live Sessions

Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of tracking data for recorded sessions was problematic, as technical issues during the live session affected the recording or the data capture. Also, integrating tracking features without compromising the user experience in recorded sessions required careful design and implementation.

Our Solution

Provided Visual Prototypes

Recognizing the need to enhance the client’s technical understanding, we adopted an interactive prototyping approach. Instead of relying on written documentation and verbal communication, we created visual prototypes that allowed the client to interact with and provide feedback on the evolving solution. The use of helped us bridge the comprehension gap.

Opted For Feedback Loop

We initiated a transparent communication channel and a feedback loop to promptly tackle any arising issues. We also opted for regular check-ins that enabled us to address concerns in real time, showcasing our dedication to the client’s success and facilitating necessary adjustments to the implementation plan as needed.


Incorporated UAT

We implemented the UAT( User Acceptance Testing) process, where the client was able to review the UI changes before they were finalized. The identification and resolution of usability issues led to a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. Feedback from clients helped refine the application to meet their needs better. We developed accurate and user-focused documentation based on real user interactions and feedback during UAT.

Placed The Completed Live Sessions Under the Recorded Live Section

During the live session, we used multiple data capture methods and backup systems. This redundancy ensured that if one method failed, another could provide the necessary data. We also enhanced the data-capturing process during the live session. After the live sessions, we conducted data validation checks to identify and correct any discrepancies or gaps in the recorded data. This involved comparing data from multiple sources to ensure consistency.

Tech Stack We Used

We had to build and design a solution that could automate multiple tasks and operations, including bidding, order management, and invoicing. The task was extremely


Backend Services




User Web App & Admin Panel

swift (1)

iOS App


Android App

Queue Management


Auto Scaling

Features & Functionalities

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Project Outcome

The entire development process of the Stat Club website and apps was guided by the principles of functionality, and modern design, aligning with Stat Club’s commitment to providing access to valuable educational content. The modern UI & UX design implemented across the website and apps has improved the overall user experience. Through the successful development of the Stat Club website and app, we have played a key role in realizing our client’s vision.

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